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Registered Play Therapist,

          Certified by the Association for Play Therapy

Family Therapy Session


Judy Therapy Spot

  • Do you frequently experience “being down in the dumps,” anxiety, low self-esteem or poor anger management?  I offer psychotherapy addressing these issues using techniques tailored to the needs of the patient. 
  • I am a therapist who has been formally trained to meet the needs of children, families, couples as well as the senior population. My state of the art playroom is exciting for children who use play as a primary language.  I am a trained play therapist who is capable of using play as the language to help children cope with their feelings and use this tool as an intervention to help them cope with difficulties.
  • My extensive training in EMDR, somatic therapies, and sand-play training, provides me the ability to assess the most effective technique to treat the trauma of each individual client.
  • My specialized training in sand play helps children and adults come to terms with their distressing problems ranging from mild dilemmas to severe trauma. 
  • I work on communication skills that improve relationships at work, home and play.  My extensive training in CBT/DBT skills are incorporated in treating clients so that they can master powerful coping strategies that are implemented on a daily basis.  These skills illustrate to patients the difference between aggressive and assertive behaviors which subsequently demonstrates how success is achieved using assertiveness and aggression is destined to fail.   Furthermore, they maintain successful interpersonal relationships in both their personal and professional lives once they master these strategies.